Slovenia Leader in Recycling

Slovenia, which has made a name for itself with its successful projects in the field of recycling, continues its work unabated. Finally, news from Slovenia, which has become a pioneer in recycling, is promising. The waste disposal center of the country's capital, Ljubljana, is also the largest waste treatment plant in Europe.

In this important facility, 170 thousand tons of waste is processed within a year. Moreover, these wastes produce products that meet the most important needs. Waste is converted to manure or fuel. Supported by the European Union Regional Policy, this project aims to inspire other countries. It makes a great contribution not only to the environment but also to the national economy.

The Guide of the Facility is a Student!

A student named Edita, who has been guiding the plant for 10 years and who contributed to the environment. Edita, who made a statement on the subject, said he succeeded in influencing his surroundings: “At the beginning, people said, “Why do we need to separate the garbage, this is not our job, they do not pay us for this, as opposed to paying money to receive services. But after 1-2 years they have adopted this view, and now they're quite surprised when they see someone who doesn't.”

Our garbage chests turn into savings

Years ago, all natural resources were thought to be exhausted and even estimated dates were determined. However, it is now known that resources are recyclable. Natural resources continue to decline rapidly. However, the fact that people can get their fuel and fertilizers by recycling is a promising development. Moreover, recycling of all these products, which are considered as rubbish, also means a serious saving in the economic sense.

Located in Slovenia, RCERO provides the country's economy with significant savings by ensuring that the fertilizer needs to be used in all the green areas of the city are met. Tivoli Park, one of the most important green areas of the country, uses 100 cubic meters of fertilizer each year. Accordingly, the rate of savings achieved by recycling is quite high. The fact that half of the country's population can benefit from the waste center is another detail. Slovenia, with its project that should be an example to all the countries of the world, makes a great contribution to nature.

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