PP Densified - BOPP Metalized - PP Non Woven

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Second Quality Aluminum Composite Panel - Aluminum Composite Panel Scrap

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Your solution partner RML Trade

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who are we?
About Us

RML International Trade Ltd. is engaged in the purchase of LDPE - HDPE Film Scrap and Aluminum Composite Panel scrap.

Why Us?
Because this company is yours

RML International Ltd. is a company that has proven its reliability and quality after the works it has done so far. Our company is open to all your suggestions and opinions as we acted not as "only me". You can guide our team in the direction you want, in accordance with common decisions.

Because we care about you

We understand our business partners and analyze their requests in the best possible way. We endeavor to please you by implementing the most appropriate methods to meet the expectations of our business partners.

Because we don't leave you without alternatives

By doing our research in many markets and in various countries, we offer you different options and we help you with the most accurate target.

Because we believe in institutionalism

We are committed to create a standard of service in the recycling industry and in the international trade field that appeals to the whole world.

Because we are experts

Our team, which is in constant communication with our own staffs and our business partners, consists of professionals who have gained experience by taking on various duties and responsibilities in the field of recycling and international trade.

Because we are professionals

We closely follow all kinds of developments and innovations related to our business, we offer every innovation to our valued customers and make your company arbiter in a wide area.

We Dominate The Global Market

We offer active solution-oriented offers to all over the world. We are buying and selling all products with commercial value in domestic / abroad. We provide consultancy services to your brand at the point of supplying goods from abroad.

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